Summer Flashback // Laurice!

Laurice!As I look out the window and watch the snow falling, and as I glance over to the thermometer and see that the outside temperature is currently sitting at a balmy -6°F, I think that another trip down memory lane is in order.  Back to a time when you could be outside…standing in the grass with the sun on your back – and this time it’s a trip back to Laurice!

This absolutely wonderful senior stopped by the o to the j for some senior pictures.  But my dear friends, she just didn’t phone it in – she brought the goods.  She was all sorts of awesome to work with, but I’m sure that anyone that knows Laurice also knows that she is just all sorts of awesome.

But I’m just repeating the word awesome now, so it’s time for us to put these silly words to bed, to send MuchLove to Laurice for being so awesome (one more awesome never hurt) and to tell all you good people out there in Blogland wondering when winter actually starts – Enjoy!


By otis

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