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A few weeks ago we had the goodlygreat pleasure of working with Wild Hands on their band photos. We went old school for this shoot – brought out the Hasselblad and shot on 120 B&W film.  I know.  Your mind is all ‘what the heck is  this ‘film’ you speak of?  Well, my good peeps, back before the digital cameras we used to shoot on this film that used magic to capture the images (technically it’s a process involving silver halide and a chemical developing process, but let’s just call it magic.)  We even had to use a light meter!  No aperture or shutter priority!  It’s crazy – I know!  And if that isn’t wild enough, you can’t even look at the back of the camera to scroll through the images – you have to have them developed and then wait to get them back.  I know it sounds like a bunch of voodoo, and it really is.  But dang if it isn’t fun.

So we took this camera and ‘film’ and went to the Bunker of Wild Hands to get some snaps.  The boys in the band were oh so gracious and wonderful to work with, but anyone out there that knows them also knows that this is how they always are.  Except when Max is screaming and hitting people.  I JOKE!  I KID! But for anyone that knows Max, it’s funny to think of him being like that.  But back to the story.

If you haven’t heard this band you’re missing out – they are going places.  Straight up. We’ve known all of the guys in the band for a long time – we’ve known Maxwell since he was just a wee young man in high school.  We’re always proud of them in all of the musical incarnations they have been a part of (Diabolic Octopus/Atom’s Rite/Roughriders/Potential Caskets/The Morning Red/The Crooked Gospel of The Western Civilization/et.al.) because they always show the amount of talent that our town truly has and the artistic community that we’re so glad to be a part of and a proud supporter of.

So the pics.  They was awesome because the boys was awesome.  But now I’m just blabbering on, so it’s time to get to the part where we give MuchLove to the band for letting us take the pics, and to tell all of you out there in musical blogland to – Enjoy!

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