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Cameron!I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Most of you out there that know me most likely think that I’m in no way a fan of sports.  In fact, I spend a lot of time on the social media hashtagging things ‘#sprots’ to show my ineptitude when it comes to all things sporting related.  I was a theater kid.  I was into photography.  But one thing that I can not deny is that I am first and foremost a born & bred Minnesotan.  I grew up surrounded by the Twins, Vikings, North Stars and Timberwolves (although I still consider them a new team on the scene.)

Now, when I was in junior high and then during my senior year of high school the Twins won the World Series.  It truly didn’t get any better than that.  We were rewarded with some of the best baseball (1991 World Series…enough said) possible.  But to be a Vikings fan…it takes a lot of patience.  I mean, a busload of patience.  A lifetime of patience.  There have been many highs and many lows, and so many disappointments as a fan of the purple & gold, but through it all, no matter how much I say that I don’t pay attention to the games, I’m still a fan.  Every season starts out with nothing but potential, and even if it looks like all is lost you still hold out hope that somehow the Vikes will put it off…that maybe this will be their year.

So it’s hat’s off to men like Cameron that – knowing the history – step willingly into the chasm that is being a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.  You could take a team like Green Bay or Denver – they’ve been to the big dance and they’ve won – and you could have it easy.  Or, you could stay your course and stick with the Vikes.  And in doing so it shows that individuals like Cameron have patience, that they see the big picture, and that they are dreamers.

My dear peeps of blog, here’s to the dreamers (am I ripping that off directly from Apple®?) – here’s sending MuchLove to Cameron for stopping by the FunCenter and letting us take his senior pictosnaps, and here’s to telling all of you’s out there in Blogland to – Enjoy!


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