There’s this band called Phish.  And at the very first Phish concert that I went to at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis on November 26th, 1994, the band played this song called ‘Haley’s Comet.’  I had never head this song before and they opened the second set with it.  And after this song the band went into the most insane version of the song ‘David Bowie‘ that I have ever heard and probably will ever hear.  That Bowie was over 30 minutes long and by the end of it I wasn’t sure if I was even at a concert any longer, or on the planet Earth for that matter.  But the reason why ‘Haley’s Comet’ will always be special for me is that before the band went down a road of insanity there was this little gem of a song that just made me smile!

Which brings us to this Haley, and the fact that she is also a gem that makes us smile too!  There must be something about the name, I guess.  But you didn’t need any of these words or lessons in Phishstory to let you know that Haley was a complete gem to work with – all that you would have to do to find this out would be to look at the lovely samplesnaps below these words!

But wait!  Before you do that we need to give MuchLove to Haley for being so awesome and for letting us be just a small part of her senior year, and to all my other good peeps getting your groove on (fall tour baby!) – Enjoy!

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