Well, If It Isn’t Sydney!

As long as we’re all about putting up lovely pictures of lovely seniors, I think that it’s time for us to take a look at some superawesome senior pictosnaps from the ever-lovely Sydney!  And you know what, I think that you think that this is a good idea too!  I know you’re probably sitting there thinking ‘get out of my mind, man’ – but I can read you.  And I know that you are up for having your day (or evening I guess depending on when you’re looking at this) brightened with this gem of a lady!  Like I said..I KNOW you.  Freaky.  Right?

Anyway, Sydney stopped by the Otis and the James and you know how this whole thing went.  We had the camera, she had the lovely, and the rest is pictographic history!  So now we need to take a little time and send MuchLove to Sydney for being so awesome to work with, and the rest of you good peeps out there in Blogville wondering how I can read your minds – Enjoy!

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By otis

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