Zach Time. Dig.

In continuing the them of asking the rhetorical question of what time it is even though I full-on know what time it is (not in the literal definition of what time is, but rather what time it is in the history of posting happy pictures up on blog) I now am not actually even asking what time it is I’m just telling you that it is straight up Zach time, and I’m asking you to dig.  Again, not literally.

What I’m asking you to dig is that there was a young man by the name of Zach that stopped by the Otis & James FunCenter (yes, it truly is a FunCenter…wheeeeee) to have some seniorpictosnaps taken, and not only did he just have them taken, he was also awesome to work with.  Pleasant and a true gent.  A good combo.  But enough of all this ego-inflating, let’s instead send MuchLove to Zach for giving us a little bit of his senior year, and to all you good peeps out there in Land of Blog getting ready for their respective Turkey Days – Enjoy!

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