Up next in the never-ending flashback of days gone by of supersenior pictoshoots is a visit to the time when we had the goodlygreat pleasure of working with the ever-lovely Bailee!

Our little trips back in time may seem to be never-ending, but when you’ve got samplesmaps as awesome as the ones below these words then taking a little meander back in time is truly quite wonderful, because it reminds us that not only will we soon find our way out of these winter times, but it also reminds us of the awesome time that we had with Bailee.  I mean, just one look at these pics and you will know that our time with her was completely awesome and wonderful, just like she is!

Well, that last sentence was starting to get sappy, so I think that it’s best that we just take a moment to send MuchLove to Bailee for being so awesome to work with, and I tell all of you good people out there in the frozen land we call Blogville, to – Enjoy!

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