The Marquis Edition!

Sometimes you just gotta accept the fact that it’s not us that make the photosnaps rock, it is those in front of the camera that allow the rocking to occur. We learned this lesson again this past Monday, as we were visited by a young man by the name of Marquis!

He, along with his entourage (Mom & Dad) came to the studio, and he completely owned the shoot. He had a full arsenal of poses at his disposal, and he used them all! We basically just had the camera take the photos every five seconds, and let Marquis do all the rest. That’s how good he was. Dang.

A big thanks to all for coming down to the studio for the shoot, and we would now like to go to the photographic proof of these past statements – Enjoy!

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  1. Great job Otis and James! Really captures Marquis’ personality! Marquis’ Grandma Kathy

  2. That is my nephew and you guys did a wonderful job. Damon and Rachel mad a BEAUTIFUL baby. Love u guys


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