Erin & Wade…(A Little Late!)

One of the very last things that we all (Wade, Erin, Otis & James) talked about at the end of the shoot last Saturday was how our old friend Erin is a devoteé of the blog – not that she is all weird about it, just that she likes to keep up with all the goings on in the land of Otis & James (aka the FunCenter for Fun!)

It is my hope that she is not alone in this. In fact, we encourage all that come to keep on coming back to see all the shiny new faces that show up on these pages of blog! Some may think that they are stopping by too often, but alas, there is no such thing as stopping by too often in around here.

You see, I come from a long line of people that encourage others to stop by. I’ll make up a pot of coffee, we’ll talk for a while, maybe have a cookie or two. It’s just what we like to do (I think it might be a Norwegian thing.) It’s just that this has moved from around the kitchen table, and instead resides out there in the ether. The great thing about this is that it’s never too late – you can never inconvenience us. Heck, have as many cookies as you want – we’ll make more!

With this in mind, it is with great irony that yours truly, Otis, made a little mistake the other day and instead of putting up the absolutely lovely photographs from the incredibly friendly Engagement Session of Erin & Wade (and remember, Erin is a devoteé), I accidently just saved the post to be put up later. And, seeing as how I am trying to keep my egomania in check by not continually going back to the blog and reading everything over and over again and marveling at how wonderful I am, I didn’t become aware of this aggregious error until the lovely Jamie asked me why I hadn’t put up their snaps yet!! What, said I, are you talking about??!! Oh, the horror of my error (I like how those two words look together, perhaps that could be a good band name – Horrendously Erroneous – totally metal)!

So, it is without any further delay that I present to the faithful out there in blog land the engagement sample snappy snaps of the always wonderful Erin & Wade – Enjoy!

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  1. WOW what a hot couple! I loved the pictures! Who helped you pick out the outfits? I really like the first three pictures the last one is to serious :P…. My personal favorite is the one where you are both are smiling, because that really shows that you two have a lot of fun together and are truely ment to be! XOXO
    Love Nelly

  2. I also forgot to say, I would have just used to picture of you two in your swim wear at the Dominican Republic; the picture on your refrigerator, that I OF COURSE TOOK ha-ha. Ok I am done with the comments! Bye

  3. Wade buddy, once again Erin saved your butt in these pictures. Looks Good!

    I like the first and third pic best.

    (Would have looked better in Hawkeye gear!)

  4. Erin and Wade-

    Love the pictures…you two look awesome! What wonderful pictures to start a wonderful life with each other!
    I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Talk to you later…Erin

  5. Hey guys,
    Looking good 🙂 Wade I am sure you picked out the yellow shirt yourself…it looks like a “you” pick :P. I really like the 3rd picture it looks like Wade’s face when he is laughing for real.


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