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I thought that I would put the upside down exclamation point at the start of the post title in order to add a little bit of flair to what sometimes could be considered to be variations on the exact same title over and over again. So this is how that little bit of punctuation has come to be. I’m not sure that it’s adding that much spice, but it’s a start.

Moving on, as the this spicy title suggests, this past Monday (and I’m talkin’ ’bout a week ago for those of you keeping track at home, with your ‘home edition’ of Blogging with Otis & James) we concluded our day with a visit from our new friends, Craig & Jessical for some superduperstyle Engagement Photo-Graphs!

Let me tell you, the photo-graphing was awesome, one and all had a great time (there was one member of this duo in particular that normally isn’t into the whole ‘portrait session’ thang – even they had a good time!) But really, how long does all of this blabbering have to go on for – let’s get to the snaps – Enjoy!

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