Friendly Jon!

With a name like Friendly Jon, I’m pretty sure that you’re able to figure out that:

a)His name is Jon
b)He is friendly

OK, his first name really isn’t ‘Friendly’, it’s actually just Jon. Well…I actually didn’t check his ID to see if it wasn’t Friendly, so I guess that I really can’t say with much certainty one way or another that his name is or isn’t Friendly…but I’m thinking that his ‘rents (and that’s short for parents – for all you’s squares out there) would pretty much have to be super-hippies (which is also the name of the lamest group of Marvel Comic stars possible – they just want to talk about our differences with the bad guys, instead of zapping them with our laser-beam eyes…dang lame Super-Hippies) in order to have a first name like Friendly.

Moving on, which I think is a good thing, we had a great time working with Jon, and we got ourselves a convoy…uh…wrong song…we got ourselves some totallay awesome (and I meant to spell totally that way) sweet snaps of the event.

Without any further adieu, I present Jon – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Jon your Pictures are SoOoO…..Good! I am truly amazed not saying I doubted you for one minute that they would be bad. But they are StupEnDous!!! I especially like the first one!
    Yours Truly
    *Hailey Jean:P

  2. oh jon, you are a looker. you have the lookaway down to perfection. but why didn’t you take a buddy shot with t-roll? or gibbons?

    kidding. really though, your pictures are crazy good.

  3. Jon what can I say, you’re adorable! You’re pictures turned out awesome! Can wait to get some.

  4. Jon
    this is your cousin magie- your pics are good! they turned out really great!

  5. jon u are such a stud gosh… and u need to give me them all…muahahah…wow keep it up bud


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