Our Monday continued on, as we welcomed the one and only Ashley (again, I know that there are many Ashley’s out there, but she’s the only one that mattered to us at this juncture of our existences…no disrespect to any other Ashley out there, for I know of at least one that will soon be the center of our universe, but let’s get back to the Ashley at hand) to the FunCenterforFunstyleSnaps, and she didn’t just stop by to give us some V8 and a tangerine, oh no…she came down for some dope style Senior Snaps!

Let me reassure you out there in Blogville (which is just east of Ruthville, if my NoDak Geography continues to serve me mind), dope style Senior Snaps was just what we got! I mean, seriously, how on earth could we do wrong with a person as lovely as Ashley is??!! If you want to know the truth, we actually didn’t even take the snaps. We just gave her the camera, and since she is so good, she did everything. All we did was sit in the car and marvel in her awesomenessiousness.

I could go on, and on, and on again, but I will spare you from this slow and painful way of spending a blog post. I will instead have you look below (or at least do so when you have stopped reading…which many of you may have already done) and bask in the glowing beauty of Ashley – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. man ashley your pics are WONDERFUL!!!
    arent i lucky to work with a hot momma
    like you!!!

  2. Ashley.. your pictures are amazingly awesome! you look very b-e-a-utiful in all of them!

  3. ASHLEY omg you look so pretty omg i love them to death holy crap!!! there amazing

  4. favorite hostess! I love them to death…they turned out absolutely gorgeous! I love ’em and I love you!

  5. Ashley*
    Your Pictures are GREAT! I am looking forward to seeing the rest of them as well. My favorites are the ones in the white dress, there so pretty!!!

  6. hey Ashley-i miss you @ the B’s but i bet you’re havin fun @ the rollin’ pin! ur SOO pretty & also HILARIOUS-we had sum fun times together-just remember-NEVER GO TO A MOVIE THAT I SUGGEST! haha->>nAcHo LiBrE! have a good senior year & just remember to have fun & be yourself*


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