Monday Morning…Amber Style!

Our first client of the new week was an old old friend of Otis & James, the lovely and talented Amber! You see, we first met her way way back in the day; as she accompanied her equally lovely and talented sistah Sara during her Senior Snaps!

This being the case, she came to the SuperFunCenter (gotta compete with Wallyworld, so if you put a Super in front of your name, you should be just fine…i.e. Miracle Mart, or Super Miracle Mart – which would you rather go to??) totally mentally prepared, as she has spent the past year in a zen-like preparation. It has been a rigorous regime (which is a good band name if anybody wants it) of hair, makeup, clothes, posing – and it has served her well.

I say that it has served her well because her snaps turned out totally and completely awesome on 74 different levels. We have had people rock in the low seventies, but not all the way up to 74. Dang. Now that’s rocking. We had a great time with Amber, and her assistant (no longer older sistah, she is just now the assistant (sorry Sara, but this is class of ’07 and you are old now, and relegated to just being the assistant 🙁 ) as we traveled out and about in search of the perfect snap!

We would like to give a ‘shout-out’ (still livin’ in the Nineties, that I am) to Amber for being so righteously awesome, but I think that enough reading has gone on, and it is time instead to look at some colorful pixels from the day – Enjoy!

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