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Saturday was an absolutely wonderful day in the world of O&J; birds was singin’, sun was all shinin’, and good friends of O&J, none other than Travis & Leah were going to be married! The best part of all of this is that we got to be there for the festivities!

As I said, it was an absolutely wonderful day, and we were happy to spend it with such a wonderful couple (and their wedding party was pretty much totally awesome as well!) They were all patient, as we made them brave the hot weather, but it was all for a good cause – that of taking the most sweet wedding photo-graphs ever. But it would not be us that made the photographs so sweet, it was none other than Travis & Leah that made the day so totally awesome for us!

We would like to extend a true thank you to all that made our day so great – everybody and everything was wonderful (and could you believe that slideshow during the reception??? Craaaaaaaaazy good!) – you’re all awesome in the big book of O&J (which may or may not mean that much to you, but at least it’s something.)

How many times must you listen to me ramble on and on and on about this stuff…let’s get to the goods – Enjoy!

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  1. You guys look awesome!! Wish I could of made it back for it! You look gorgeous Leah! I love the colors of the dresses too. Hope married life is going well!
    Congrats to you!

  2. You guys looked awesome! Love your dress, Leah. I really, really wish I could have been there. I tried to live vicariously through Katie! Hope to see you both in October along with the home updates I’ve been hearing about. Congratulations!

  3. Hey, you guys, you realy know how to throw a bash. To bad Pam couldn’t be there!! Thank you for the Thank You card, gosh I love it. Hey,… Did you realy mean that Mel and I where super duper peole to hang out with and we should do it again? Because I take advantage of stuff like that,….Like when I spent a year and a half with Travis at his farm and he paid me under the table, Thanks man. You said I can still draw Social Security, right? Anyhow, Travis and I love to hangout because this one time we went to get some tacos at taco johns and I didn’t have any money,(as usual) and Travieee bought me a six pack and a pound and then after I got it he said he had to go out and call his brother and then all I remember seeing is some guy making him get into a car that had a big pizza hut thing on top of it. What ever, I feel bad because if I wasn’t for eating so many tacos, I could have went out there and asked them what you guys where doing? But I couldn’t with a six pack. Any how I love you guys and don’t listen to trendy Rock and Roll, Because if you do, you are just hurtin your little buddy. Later.

    Adam and (she was sleeping when I wrote this) Mel and Hannah Hagen.


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