Jeremy & Chelsie

On this past Friday, the doors of the FunCenter opened up, but this time it was real real real special, because it was the wedding of none other than the super awesome dude/dudette combination of Jeremy & Chelsie!

They, along with their merry band of wedding party revelers (which is a word, I looked it up) came into the studio, and absolutely tore it up! Which was a good thing, as it was like 417º outside (and thats Farenheit, y’all), so the kool confines of the studio proved themself as the dope bomp (I think that this expression is still used…hello…anybody still use it besides me) coolio environment to do some awesome studio shots of this beautiful party.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we also got to partake in the whole days festivities; from the ceremony all the way to the fabulous reception! Much fun was had by all, and I’m here to report that great amounts of fun were had by Otis & James, and that we would love to thank this couple for being so great to work with! Without any further delay, Jeremy & Chelsie – Enjoy!

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