Here’s the story.

If all of our Tuesday mornings could be as easy going and totally sweet as this past Tuesday AM was working with our new friend Jake, Tuesday morning would become my favorite part of the week.

Tuesday normally isn’t known for it’s total and complete rocking out sweetness, but it proved itself worthy of those words. Perhaps, however, it wasn’t Tuesday that was doing all of this hardcore rocking, but me thinks that it actually was the smooth work of our man Jake that made the AM so much friendlier than normal.

Come to think of it, the fact that it was Tuesday was merely incidental, and I am now having a grand realization that if Jake had come down on a klerptenday (which is found on the Venutian calendar), then klerptenday would have been just as rocking as our earth Tuesday was.

Alright, you got that? Can you hear the mothership? Well, with all of this in mind, much thanks to Jake for spending a little quality time with O&J, and to all you all out there – Enjoy!

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  1. jake your pictures are really cute.. pretty much look like a studd the second one and third one are my favorite

  2. id like to be the 5th to say you looked outstanding in your pictures.. very photogenic!


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