Miss Devin!

Our Tuesday kept on keepin’ on (like a bird that flew) with a visit from the totallysweetlysweet, none other than Miss Devin!

Now, I think that her first name is actually just Devin, but in our calendar it had been entered in as Miss Devin (me thinks McKinzey might have had a hand in this), and I rather like the sound of it. It seems so…southern…like we may be sitting on the front porch, or veranda, with a glass pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day…I like lemonade), and I’m gonna stick with it!

So, she came down to the studio just to say hello. I’m kidding. She came down for some supertotallyawesome seniorsnaps, and gues what, y’all – we got ourselves a whole bunch of supertotallyawesome seniorsnaps! I also like to conserve my usage of the spacebar (which is the name of a bar in space as well.)

Moving on, we had a wonderfultacular time working with Miss Devin, and we’d like to extend a big ol’ ‘thanks a bajillion’ for being such a rock star (in all the good ways, not the hotel trashing/thank you Cleveland way) to work with! Well, enough of this already, and let’s get on to the show – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. I always tell you you’re beautiful, NOW do you believe me?
    Wow! Only question I have is what happened to my lil’ girl?
    Love ya!

  2. Hey O and J! Thanks so much for the great senior pics. I love them and can\’t wait to see the rest of them. I had a blast on the shoot. Thanks again!!

  3. Devin!! The pictures turned out gorgeous!!! They look so amazing! My favorite is the first one.

    Love ya!!

  4. I think you look Awesome Devin and I’m not just saying that either. May God Bless you in all the ways of the world.

    Love ya Sis


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