The Family Cunningham!

Now, sometimes there are just shoots that you go into and you know that it is going to be a rockem-sockem good time for one and all. And (and for all of you students out there, you should never start a sentence with the word ‘and’, but I can, because I’m in charge, and I’m not being graded on this, because I’m the teacher, and y’all are the students…you got that?) this was one of those shoots.

We knew this just from looking at the last name of this family, because we have worked with a couple of the lovely ladies (and I’m not going to say which ones, you’re just gonna have to get all Hardy Boy and figure it out for yourself, but I’ll give you a hint…they just may be twins…or maybe not…or maybe they are) previously, and we knew that if the whole family was like them, we were in store for a super-treat!

What was the verdict, you ask? Well, I was right, the whole family was absolutely wonderful to work with, and I would now like to devote more than two and less than thirty words telling this lovely group ‘thank you’ for taking a little time so late in the day for good ol’ O&J for these sweetsnaps! So there, thank you to them, and to all you’s out there – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Wow what a good lookin family…i think i’ve seen them around somewhere! thank o&j!!


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