What’s the best way to start a Tuesday morning? The Surgeon General (does the General have an army to fight the battles of health? It would be awesome if you were trying to cut out sweets and if you decided to sneak one in, there would be troops kicking down your door, raiding your house, and removing that donut from your grips…hmmmmmm…donuts) recommends like, orange juice and a prune, or something like that, but me, well, I think that the best way to start a Tuesday off is a visit from the one & only Daphne!

Why do I say this? Well, it’s funny you should ask, and if you’re not really asking, just pretend like you have. It’s a great way to start this second day of the work week because her awesomeness and total perfection took away the cobwebs from the collective morning brain that is O&J (we keep it in a jar in Jamies office during the evening hours), and her sunny disposition brightened up our day…hold on…I’m getting a message here…it says that this this section of the sentence about ‘sunny dispositions brightening up our days’ was the most Velveeta thing that has ever transpired between my fingers and the keyboard…so I apologize for that, and let me just tell you that we had an absolutely wonderful time working with this awesome Senior, and we would now like to stop all of this typing and get to the goods that are just waiting to be got a mere few words away. So – Enjoy!

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I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.

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