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This past Saturday Saturday past (that’s two, y’all) The Caravan of Love that is Otis & James pulled back home, to the Minot station, just in time for the nuptuals (that means wedding, y’all) of the one and only Craig & Jessica (that means Bride & Groom, y’all!)

Could it really have been a year since our first meeting, with this lovely Bride…could it be that we were actually here on the day? How suspensful is this question, really, since I would never really type a post for a wedding that has not occured, and if you happen to have any sort of peripheral vision, you could pro’ly (that’s kool speak for ‘probably’) see that there are photographs at the bottom of this post, and you may even be able to make through the haze that is this peripheral vision a wedding dress, tuxedoes, and all the other goods that make up a wedding day.

So the next question becomes, ‘why is this person…this otisjames…spending all of my sweeth and prescious time on such rhetorical questions? I am afraid to tell you…I mean all you alls that I don’t really have an answer for you. All that I really have are some totally and completely awesome photo-graphs from a totally and completely awesome wedding day! How was all of this possible, you ask? It was all made possible from the lovely Bride & Groom (& Wedding Party Too), and for all of this awesomeness, we would like to extend a huge O&J Thank You (and again, I have no idea why I should capitalize this) to one and all for being so great to work with.

You got all that? Are you going to print these words off and keep it in your wallet? Thought so. So, without any more delay, I present Craig & Jessica – Enjoy!

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