Levi & Emily!

Listen, for I tell you a story (is that biblical, or am I going into the intro to the Beverly Hillbillies?? Oh well…), and it’s about a totally awesomely wonderfully sweet couple that just happens to go by the name of Levi & Emily (these are actually two different names, they are not an überperson that is a single entity, we clear on this?), and about how we had a wonderful time this past Tuesday Tuesday past (that’s one of those things that’s the same going forwards and backwords, like 1991…crazy) working with them on an absolutely gorgeous evening!

This story continues with me telling all you all (again, that thing) about how lucky we are to have such great couples to work with, and about how we can’t wait until their wedding day (which, never fails, will be here sooner than we expect!), because if our time together today was any indication, the wedding is going to be totally sweetly sweets! But, I can tell that you out there in the land of blog are tiring from my story, and I think that we should get to the best part of any story, and that’s the snaps. So – Enjoy!

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