Wyatt & Ann!

Is there, my friends, any better way to start the day (and yeah, I do qualify 11:00 AM to be the start of the day) that with a visit from new friends of O&J, none other than Wyatt & Ann??!! NO! Wow, I kind of shouted that no back there, but I mean it – it truly was a great way to start the day!

And this past Thursday, the FunCenter got off to a great start with this wonderful couple, and the results were – how do you say – fantastical! Loverly! Incrediablelyular! I’m not from these parts, you will have to forigive if my language is a little bit rusty, but will any of those words work? Well, basically, they were awesome, and the proof lies not in my lame-oh words, but instead in their lovely sample snaps!

So, much thanks to this wonderful coule for taking the time to come down and see us, and for all you all of you all out there in blogland – Enjoy!

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  1. WYATT OLSON!!! ohh my goodness I didnt knwo u were engaged!!!!!!!!!! Why didnt u tell me I guess I havnt really seen u lately but umm still!!!! I am so excited for you guys I dont know Ann that will but i know her sister I think! but anyways this is so exciting!!! hahaha You look so happy im happy for you! Congrats and I hope u guys live happily ever after!!!!
    haha Good luch in racing
    Your favorite fan
    Megan AKA Dereks lil sister


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