Megan. Straight Up. Megan. Dig?

Our Thursday came to a thrilling (again, I’m not sure if this is the best adjective that could be used, but I’m gonna go crazy and just go with it) conclusion with a visit from the lovely, the stunning, the vivacious, the sublime, the interstellarly wonderful, the the one and only Megan!

Do you think that she came down to the FunCenter to find out the mysteries of life, or to listen to Otis talk and talk and talk about things that nobody cares about, or maybe you’re even thinking that she came down to the FunCenter to partake in the Kinzey & Ben Dance Party – hosted by DJ James. If you think any of these things, then you are sadly confused (which, coincidentally is the title of the third revision of my autobiography.) Because she came down here to rock the world that is Senior Portraits.

I know, you’re all gonna be all waiting for me to tell you something like, ‘…and guess what, she did!’, but you know what – I don’t even think that there is a need for me to tell all you all out there with your ethernet cables and your modems and your monitors and all of these other devices with their blinking lights and chirps and whistles and static and ether, all of you people out there don’t need to be told when somebody like Megan is totally awesome. It’s like, if I show you a picture of a smiley 🙂 – do you need to be told that it is a smiley? If you look at the sky, will you need me to tell you that it is what it is? No. And likewise, if you look at these snaps that are just mere words away, do you need me to tell you that they are awesome?

Do you really need me for these things? No, my fellow bloggers, I am just the facilitator of your enjoyment, I just push one of those blinking lights and put some data in a cord and send it off into the space that exists between me and you, and I have every bit of faith that you will know righteous snaps when you see them. These words that I type just offer up distraction from the straight up goodness that is Megan. Dig?

Alright. I think we’re all receiving the same ones and zeroes through our cords. Much thanks to Megan for being so great to work with – and to my faithful out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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  1. M-DAWG!!!!!!!!!

    You are looking fiiiiiiiiiiiine!

    but where are the nerd glasses??? I hope you represented them as well.

    By the way…I dig your style…no wonder why we’re sibs.

    as far as a personal favorite goes…um…I don’t see any with your best feature so I will choose the first one. cuz you’re wearing that SEXY tanktop on your SEXY body.

    i love you!

  2. megan!!! i looove them. i can’t wait to see them all.. you are one of the most beautiful people i know, inside and out. and these pictures show that. you are gorgeous. i love you!

  3. I’ve been checking otis and james every day in anticipation for your senior pics!!! they turned out great!!! i love your hair….and your choice of “settings”…very unique and original. can’t wait to see the rest of them!!!!

  4. love. love. love. love. love. and love.

    i love your pictures. you’re a stud. stop being so cute. don’t really stop.


  5. Havig!!!
    I am completely jealous that i didn’t come with you! These pictures are amazing!! Love the outfits, the hair, the places, o just i love everything about them!! Can’t wait to see the rest of them.
    much love you gorgeous girl you

  6. okay so. jeanette & i went for subway tonight and told me your blog was up. YOU ARE GORGEOUS and i miss you more than usual when i see your pretty face! i love you.

  7. No fiancee of mine will go on the internet
    revealing her face, NAKED! Even if the pictures
    are beautiful, sexy, adorable, cute, attractive,
    terrific, marvelous, pretty, original, magnificent,
    unique, and stunning…. because despite all of
    it… your face… is still naked. (LONG LIVE

  8. Megan! your pictures are stinkin amaaaaaazing! you look fricken gorgeous in every single one of them! hope your senior year is going awesome!

  9. Thank you O and J and Kinzey and Ben. You all are so talented and so fun! I Can’t Wait to see the rest of them! And for Ben and Jeanette- I took some pics with the nerd glasses too…I wouldn’t forget them!

  10. ugh! megan you little vixen.
    i wish i could pick you up and put you in my pocket.
    you and your hot little body! yumm.

  11. You guys continue to bless the photography industry with “super snaps”. I wanted to let you know that because I seem to be working against so to speak. Oh, and nice pictures megan. Maybe we should kill some cougars with our bare hands sometime.

  12. Nice pictures Mega N! They really do look awesome, I think O&J should come to Old Navy and take some snaps of the workers in action.

  13. Megan!!! Your pictures are beautiful! I cant wait to see all of them. I like the one with your hood up, very gangsta!


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