TGI Friday/TGI Colton!

What better way to start out the best day of the week than with a visit from new friend to Otis & James, none other than our main man Colton!

He made a quick stop down to the FunCenter for some supwerawesomefantastical snaps, and I’m pretty sure, in fact I’m positive that he was 100% successful in his endeavor! Let me break that sentence down for you a little bit, he straight up rocked. Straight up. Rocked. Straigt up. Rocked. Straight up. Think. I. Am. Stuck. Must. Escape.

We’d like to thank our man Colton for stopping by and brightening up our day, and for giving us a change of pace from the Senior/Wedding/Senior/Wedding/Senior/Am/Stuck/Again loop that we find ourselves in this time of year.

OK. Got it? Are you really here to read? Are you? No. You’re here for the sample snaps. So – Enjoy!

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  1. Dee & Riley – what a gorgeous young man – those big eyes just pop! What on earth are we going to do with these boys 15 years from now???


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