Scott & Lindsey!

Our Friday came to a loverly ending with a visit from new friends of Otis & James, Scott & Lindsey – and they did not come to the FunCenter to get a VCR, or for a loaf of bread, or to get a new battery for their riding lawnmower, or even to vote in a school board election. Oh no, they came down for some (and, my friends, those that are in the know, know them as – and you want to be in the know, now, don’t you?), and in case you were wondering, we indeed got ourselves a digital basket full of!

But this was not made possible because of the lens, or the CF card, or the CMOS sensor, or because of us, or even because of viewers like you. Oh no, this was made possible because Scott & Lindsey were absolutely wünderbar to work with (that’s German for ‘most excellent’ or ‘dang sweet’), and our time with them couldn’t have been any better! It was a beautiful evening, a beautiful couple, and…again…wait for it…we got some beautiful snaps!

If you wanted to read a book, you would have gone down to the library and rented one. Instead, you find yourself at the blog wondering how many more words will your eyes have to stumble through until you can finally get to the snaps??!! So, with much thanks to Scott & Lindsey for being awesome, and much thanks to the people of the blog for just being you – Enjoy!

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