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Come with me, if you will, in the O&J WaybackMachine, as we venture all the way back to a space and time that was known as a Friday Friday Friday (I know, I know, it’s been a long time in the making, but rest assured we’ve been running at full terminal velocity and all the o&j worker bees have been producing at their highest output levels possible – so please don’t harsh me out too bad, or just harsh me out a little bit) past. And why are we traveling so far back in time, you ask? Well, we are making this trip so we can see the supersamplesnaps of the one and only Levi & Kiley!

Ahh, shucks man – we had a superawesome time working with this totally wonderful couple and their equally wonderful wedding party! They were a great bunch, and were all born to be photographed. Which is a good thing, seeing as how we are photographers, and it was kind of our job to photograph all of them for many hours. If, say, they had been born to hold their hands up in front of their faces whenever a camera came around, or perhaps even were born to turn their backs to the camera, this would not have been such a good thing. There would be much gnashing of teeth in the FunCenter if this had been the case, but I’m here as your trusty reporter telling you that there was none of that to be found, and they couldn’t have been any easier to work with!

We had a great time with one and all, all the way from the start of festivities all the way through to the end! We would like to thank Levi & Kiley for including us in their day, and would now like to stop all of my jibbering and jabbering about, and get to the reason that all of you are here, and (in case you’ve forgotten by now) that’s to see some sweetsweet sample snaps – Enjoy!

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  1. I love you both. I hope your life together is as beautiful as the day you were married. It was a beautiful Day!!!! Love, Lynsey

  2. To Levi and Kiley,

    Wish I could have been there to enjoy the celebration of your marriage. I wish you both much happiness and love in your adventure of life together.

    Best wishes!!! and love always,
    your cousin, Anna Waldo


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