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Our trip in the WayBack Machine (only we have one of these, and it’s still in the developmental stages with some bugs to be worked out – for instance, just the other day I was trying to get back to a portrait shoot that we did a few days previous, and I actually wound up at the meeting that Nixon had with Elvis – totally weird) continues, and this time it is to the time of Saturdays Saturdays Saturdays past, to a place and time that shall from this day forward, at least on ‘the blog’, be known as the wedding of Brent & Michelle!

Let me tell you what, we knew from the outset that this was going to be a superawesome day (and really, with Michelle involved how was it not?), but we didn’t know just how much fun it was going to be until we started rocking it up, and again, let me tell you (and this may be the best example of a run-on sentence that I have ever given you) rocking it up only does it a little bit of justice, for it was as if we were creating a new type of rock, simply called ‘super-rock’, which, coincidentaly, is also a complilation CD featuring hits from BTO, REO Speedwagon, and Journey (Don’t Stop Believin’, Y’all!) – but this is the only way to fully describe just how awesome it was to work with this wonderful couple and their fantastic wedding party!

Now is the time that we would like to get serious, kind of like that part of the concert where the acoustic guitars come out, and a hush falls over the arena, because you totally know that they are going to bust out ‘Every Rose, Has It’s Thorn’ – and give thanks to Brent & Michelle for including us in their wedding day, and to everyone involved with us for being so totally and completely awesome! Well, before I gush too much and all of you start to feel queasy (is that how this is spelled – editors?), I’m going to stop and get to the goods – Enjoy!

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  1. You 2 look so SeXy! I love the picts and can’t wait to see the rest. Sorry I missed the big day.. Congrats!

  2. Hey what can I say GREAT PICS… cant wait to come back and see you guy… like Virginia said the two of you look SEXY!! HOT DAMN!!! CONGRATS….. Job well done O&J….

  3. Wow, awsome pics. can’t wait to see the rest! I am so glad to have been part of the most beatiful day of your whole life! Emily and I loved these, I can’t wait to show daddy and Mikey! Congrats and have a wonderful and happy life together! We love you & miss both of you!!!!!


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