Megan V, For Victory!

Our week past started off with a bang, as we welcomed none other than the lovely and talented Megan on down to the FunCenter for some supertotallyawesome Senior Snaps! We had the good great pleasure of working with her brough-ham this past year, so we knew that from a genetic viewpoint, she was going to be totally awesome. What we didn’t know was just how totally and completely awesome she was going to be…but we would soon learn.

Megan was what we in the photographic world refer to as being a ‘total and complete rockstar’. There is no way of sugarcoating this, y’all – she was awesome on many different planes of aweseomeosity. She came to the studio with an agenda, and she jumped from bullet point to bullet point with skill, ease and grace – she achieved victory with all things SeniorSnaps.

I don’t know what else to say about our time with Megan, other than it ended far too soon…perhaps there will be a time when we get to work with this gifted young lady again, but until that time – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Vinje! Your pics turned out amazing! & look… we’re right by each other on the blog… how fun! My favorites are the one with the apple and your hoodie pic… but they’re all awesome beyond belief!

  2. Meg…(ha ha thats what Gleve called you!!!) These are awesome. Belive me I am not suprised I knew your pics would look Super!!!!! It’s kinda sad i dont get to see you everyday 🙁 But now everytime I want to see you all i have to do is open up the internet!!! I love Technology!!!!!

  3. Megan, number 3…ahhh!..I love it! They are soooo good, you babe you! Seeing that pink lady made me want to eat one…haha…Otis and James did a perfect job of showing your personality in those pics…love you, and hope things are going good up there in North Dakota…:)

  4. So i’m sitting here trying to figure out which one is my fav and i simply can’t! I love the apple one so original and totally you but then i look at the 4th one love the pose and attidue!!! so i decided you should stop being so totally awesome……. just kidding i heart your awesomeness!! still trying to figure out my favorite…can’t decide so i delcare a tie! much love

  5. Megancakes! You are gorgeous girl! I love all of them, my favorite is the one with the hoodie. I miss you so much!

  6. I was just browsing the otis and james site and i happened to run across “megan v, for victory” and i thought to myself…maybe this is megan vinje and what do you know, i was right! you’re pictures ROCK. way to go megan!!!!


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