SMBF v.4 :: The Queen B, Steve, & Hobbes Edition!

Like, I’m actually going to shut the blog down after this post. Hotness. That’s all I’m gonna say. We’ve had the good fortune of working with this couple, our dear friends, the one and only Queen B and the even lovlier Steve (no offense, B) for quite some time. We have watched them grow from grasshopper to…uhh….until this very moment, I have never really thought about why it is that the student is called grasshopper, because it seems that the grasshopper would eventually evolve into something more better (yes, yes, I know the grammar issues with that, but it’s not my concern right now, and if it’s really bad, well, I’m gonna tell all y’all a secret out there. You see, if it is really bad, Queen B will change it. Yep. That’s right. She has the power to override Otis. The reason that I call her Queen B is that she is the only person that can punk me down in the way that she does. And I love her for it. She will send me e.mails and ask me if I was under the influence when I typed a post, because of the sheer amount of my mistakes. She is…the brains behind the blog. I feel like the curtain has been pulled back, and all of you see that the Wizzard is really just a bunch of smoke, mirrors, and in reality I’m just a shriveled old man), but the grasshopper just is. Like, it doesn’t become some sort of a sweet knife throwing dog, it just is what it is. Hmmm.

Well, now they have a dog, and it is called Hobbes. And I love all of them more than I love sliced bread and salsa combined. And that’s tons. Steve & Brittany & Hobbes & All Y’All – Enjoy!

And if you click this little teenie one, a big one will pop up!

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  1. Sweet bippy, B! You are the Queen! Anyone who can take photos this good is worthy of ruling Otis with an iron fist – not to mention uncooperative wedding parties, too. You guys look a-mazing, well done.

  2. Well the pix are alright… I guess I can live with them. 😉

    I’m just joshin’ ya, they are fantastical. “Much Love” to Matt and Jamie and Kinzie for putting up with our crazy dog and making Steve and I look much better than we actually do in person. You guys are the best!


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