The Family Swenson!

Seriously. How often is it that the day before Thanksgiving, you are able to go outside for some superawesome bro/sis shots? I say, it was miraculous that we were able to do such a thing!

And, what luck for the Family Swenson that the day which they had booked oh so long ago would wind up being such a wonderfully beautiful day for us to do such a thing! We had a wonderful time working with this spirited group, and we hope that their Turkey day was filled with much stuffing, and all that other good stuff!

But enough of all this mumbling on and on about one thing or another, and let’s get to the part where we get to look at exciting and happy pictographs! Many thanks to the Family Swenson for stopping by the FunCenter, and to all of my peeps out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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