The Family Kaiser!

Here’s a little known factoid:

Before the FunCenter will open their doors to a new client, there is a crazy pre-photograph part where we actually measure our families to make sure that they will fit together in a photograph properly. Yes, we know that this seems strange, but a family that fits well together is the key to great family photographs.

After we get these measurements, we then send them off to the Otis & James Center for the Study of Numbers, Frogs, Pizza, and Late Night Web Surfing, or Droiding, If You Will (O&JCFTSONFPALNWSODIYW), located in Stockholm, Sweden, where a crack team of crazed out professionals work around the clock to give us our computations of the numbers we delivered to them, and once these computations have been completed (the actual verdict is delivered by a SupahComputah that is called the OTIS7000, not to be confused by the OTIS5000 satellite that is used to track potential earth threatening asteroids, but is made by the same company ((Fisher Price)), they are then sent via super-sonic jet back to Minot, where we can let our potential family client know if it will be possible to open the doors of the FunCenter for them.

The Family Kaiser? They passed with flying colors! Look at them – they fit together perfectly! Another job well done by the OTIS7000, and a totally and completely wonderful job by The Family Kaiser! Many thanks to them for making a little bit of o&j time for us, and many thanks to all you peeps using your eyes to read these words out there in the land of blog. So, I guess that now is the time we say – Enjoy!

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