The Famiy Burns!

Now, let it be known that Otis & James, collectively known as the FunCenter, or maybe that’s the other way around, but, whatever…let it be known that they had the good fortune of recently becoming acquainted with none other than The Family Burns!

Hip Hop, Hooray! For our time with this lovely family was filled with laughter, smiles, cheer, and a big ol’ heap of good looking family! We have had the good gosh great almightly pleasure of working with one member of this family before, and we knew from our experiences with him (I guess I kind of gave it away there as far as what family member I’m refering to, but then again, I don’t really know why it is that I would want to keep this hidden from you, other than the fact that I’m trying to play some twisted mind game with y’all, but I’m not…I swear) that the whole fam was going to be a blast, and we were 100% correct in this assumption, as our time with them was totally and completely sweetlysweet!

We would like to thank this everlovely family for stopping down to the FunCenter, and now, for you people out there in land of blog finishing your breakfast burritos and cups of mango juice – Enjoy!

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