Bridal Show, Bridal Show…Why Do I Love You?

This past Sunday, Otis & James Photography had the good fortune of participating in the Fianceé Bridal Show, right here in good ol’ Minot, USA! This was the second year that we’ve been a part of the show, and as was the case last year, it was a totally sweetly sweet time!

We always have a great time working with the good people at Fianceé – some of them even work for us (I’m looking right at you, Kinzo & Ben), and every last one of them did an incredible job in putting together this righteously sweet show! Of course, none of this would be possible without the leadership of the one and only Debbie Harris, the fabulous owner of Fianceé!

Fun was had by all, and we would like to thank everyone that came to the show, and a big congratulations to all the prize winners! But enough of all these words, let’s look at some supersnaps from the festivities – Enjoy!

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  1. These are GREAT!!!
    The bridal show was fun..
    Matt looked great in his tux it felt like him and i were at prom in the auditorium setting!

    The only thing missing from the o and j booth was the hottie assitant! McKinzey!!! or me!!

  2. Hey Jamie. Do you have more pictures of Brett? This is Jenna (Brett’s girlfriend) Brett doesn’t have a computer so he can’t see the ones online. If you have some good ones can I maybe get copies from you? Let me know. Thanks. ~Jenna Nicole~


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