Jessica & Kyle!

There was this one time, and we were sitting around in the FunCenter (do I use that word too much? You know, the term ‘FunCenter’ really started off as a joke a long time ago, but has since grown into an actual term, and now I think that the studio is really known more as the FunCenter than as the studio, which is good, because the term ‘studio’ kind of resides in the Land of Lame (LOL…wait…no pun intended LoLz!) and it is a good thing that we were able to get rid of the term stu-stu-studio and instead come up with a sweetly sweet term that has way more street cred (and for those of you that don’t know, street cred is what makes the FunCenter different from all the rest…what we got you couldn’t come up with after a meeting or much discussion…oh no…what we got comes from the soul, and if you don’t got soul, you don’t got it. Got it?) than the term ‘studio’ – like, seriously, every lame photog from here to kingdom come has a studio, but we’s got oursleves a FunCenter, and I’d like to see you top that, yo) wondering how it was that our day was going to be saved from skulduggery and boredome, and what should happen at that very moment but we should have the good fortune of being joined by the one and only Jessica & Kyle for some totally awesome!


All was right in the land of Otis & James (not in any way related to the ‘Land of Lame’) as we completely and totally tore it up during our all together too short, but yet totally sweet time together! We would like to extend MuchLove to this wonderful couple for giving us a little bit of their sweet and prescious time, and to all of you out there wondering if I’m ever going to get to this one magic word – Enjoy!

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