The SuperSweeet Savannah Edition!

[Random Thought of the Day :: Am I the only one with the “My Heart Will Go On Remix” stuck in his head? DIDN’T THINK SO BLOGBOYS & BLOGIRLS]

I hate to say it, but it’s true, our time with ’07 seniors is almost up. Word has it that when seniors come this summer, they will be referred to as “2008 seniors,” and not “2007 seniors.” Now don’t ask me why, because I don’t know… it’s as if they graduate in a different year or something.


Luckily, the Fates (they are the three women that determine destiny, but maybe that’s only in Disney’s Hercules… hmm…) gave us the opportunity to work with the exceptionally delightful ’07 senior Savannah! This is a big deal… there’s not many left! Savannah could be considered the “endangered species” of Otis & James. Savannah reminded us how well ’07 seniors could first build it up, shake it up, and then break it down.

Did I mention in the process we actually caught her on camera doing all of this? You probably don’t believe me. You’re probably standing up, grabbing your monitor on either side, lifting it over you head and yelling out “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU MR. MILO! STOP SPEAKING LIES! BACK TO THE DEPTHS YOU DEVILISH FIEND, YOU SHALL NOT PULL THE WOOL OVER MY EYES TODAY!” But please, set the monitor down. The only wool I’ll be pulling over your eyes is the sweater I’m knitting for you as you read this. If you’ve cooled off from your disbelief, scroll down as I present you with Savannah’s evident excellence, because seeing is believing.


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  1. Vannah! You look Amazing! I havent seen you in so long!!! I hope you will come to MHS Graduation on the 27th of May! It would be nice to see you again…Miss you much!


  2. hey savannah! its baelee… i havent seen u in like for ever but your pictures are really cute!

  3. Savannah Rae! You are SMOKING HOTT! haha ok i better get some of these! talk to you soon!


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