GABO v.3 :: The Julia Edition!

I have expounded upon my like of the name Julia before (expounded upon my like? Is that even in the vicinity of proper grammar? Or have I already careened off the rails and we haven’t even made it through the opening sentence?), so I shall save you my tales of all things Beatles (please, though, do yourself a favor and try to find the song and give it a good listen…it’s just about the closest thing to pure bliss that one can find…in fact, just do yourself a favor and buy the whole Bealtes White Album, not because they need your money, but because it is what it is, and that is – in my humble otis opinion, sweetness on a stick ((well, actually it’s not on a stick but I’m speaking in flowerly language, so bear with me))), I shall just stick to the matter at hand, and that is the wonderous pictosnaps that we had the good fortune of taking of the one and only Julia at some point in our not so distant past!

Ahh, Julia came to FunCenter, and the rest is…how do you Americans say…sweet sweet photographic history! We had a marvelous time going here and there, to and fro (I know that I overuse that one, but sometimes I just can’t help myself!) in search of pictographic sweetness, and we were able to not just get the sweetness, we were able to get total awesomeosity! Now that’s what I call doing it right.

OK. I’ve started to not make sense to even myself, so it is time for us to put these words where they belong (to bed, not in the trash) and get to the samplesnaps. MuchLove to Julia (so I sing a song of love), and to the rest of my peeps of blog – Enjoy!

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