FNBM v.1 :: The Doug & Dawn Edition!

Alright my good People of Blog, let’s get this Blogging Madness underway, and what better way to start it that with some wonderful snaps of lovely friends (neighbors, actually) to o&j, none other than Doug & Dawn!

What looked at first to be a sketchy situation with the weather turned out to be an absolutely perfect shoot, and this was made possible by the total awesomeness of this wonderful couple!  As usual, we had an awesome time working with them (if you really want to call it work), and would like to offer them MuchLove and ManyThanks for making a little bit of time for a visit to the FunCenter (well, technically, it was more of a location thing, but I’m not really one for all sorts of ‘details.’)

And to my good peeps out there on a night so lovely – Enjoy!

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